Evolution Coaching Program

Evolution Coach Training Programs

Want to become part of an elite group of the most Successful and Kickass personal development coaches on the planet?

Want to help others have amazing breakthroughs in their lives while you continue to evolve your own?
Of course you do!

Enter the new revolution in the personal development industry by becoming a Certified Your Personal Evolution™ Coach, Certified High Speed Evolution™ Coach and/or a Certified Your Relationships Evolution™ Coach.

High Speed Evolution™- Utilizing science and evolutionary design to create rapid sustainable change and Integrated Intelligence™

Evolution Coaches are upping the game and standards of the life coaching industry! Join us!

Unlike some training/certification where you pay and you are in, this is not the case for our coaches. We require you understand and have used the tools and practices you will teach and guide your clients through. Your personal success inspires you and your clients to make courageous and bold decisions and learn the art of “insourcing”.

Before you can even take the coach training program, you must have taken and passed Revolutions 1-4 in Your Personal Evolution™ Group coaching program or have two years of personal one one one High Speed Evolution™ training with Master Life Strategist Tanja Diamond. The fact our coaches have “walked their talk” enables them to bring superior coaching to their clients.

You don’t have to be a “perfect” person to be a coach, we are all “works in progress” in this lifetime. You will, however, be expected to have a high standard of ethics, walk the talk, provide immense value and uphold the stellar reputation of our certifying agency, Inspire Life University.

For more in-depth information about the certification training and to see if you are a good fit, contact me and we will have a phone conversation about it.

You can become certified as-

* Your Personal Evolution™ Coach-

* High Speed Evolution™ Coach–

* Your Relationship Evolution™ Coach-

* High Speed Evolution™ Master Coach–

You may add a specialty in Sexuality, Wellness, Business or Groups and Workshops