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With Devotion All Things Are Possible

“If you want to lead people into the battle of their lives, their exploration to attain personal freedom, you must be a stellar example of vulnerability and strength.”

Sitting here getting ready to write this page about the Coach’s Journey I had pause for a moment and feel immense gratitude. Gratitude because I am seeing my lifelong journey of helping people evolve. It used to be me at the helm, only my voice assisting others to transform and heal. Now that is no longer true, there are my talented coaches as well. That’s a feeling that’s hard to describe.

It’s one thing to develop an innovative personal development program with a 99 percent success rate and quite another to see it work flawlessly when someone other than me is using it to coach a client or group. Witnessing my amazing coaches get the same incredible results with their clients… Priceless. Truly. And it’s not just the program and their training, each coach was invited to participate in the training and each of them is exceptionally gifted in their own incredible way. I am grateful these powerhouses were drawn to work with me and to become Evolution Coaches.

The journey to become one of the most exclusively trained personal development coaches in the world starts with either 18-24 months one on one coaching with me, implementing and learning the practices and the processes of the High Speed Evolution Program,  or completing the Your Personal Evolution 30 month- 5 Evolutions group coaching experience.

Each coach candidate must declare their intent along the journey if they want to become a coach and if found suitable for the Evolution Coach training they will be invited to participate. Not all who wish to take the training are invited to participate. And truth be told I am contemplating only training 50 coaches in my lifetime due to my comittment and devotion to each coach.


Candidates must complete all their own personal development work in the High Speed Evolution program AND walk their talk before they enter the EC training program. There is no way to just buy your way into the EC training program, the candidate has to possess something personally as well as having proven the ability to face and overcome challenges using the HSE process. After their own journey into Personal Freedom, they truly deeply understand the art of insourcing and fully comprehend what they are asking of their clients.

As I say, how do you lead your client into the battle of their life if you have never been there! That’s called integrity and it’s the high standard all our coaches have as a foundation.

The EC training program is not taught from books or theory, it’s in the trenches. All the coaches in training do actual case studies with willing clients. These case studies are reviewed by me and feedback is given to improve the coaches confidence and coaching style. Though each one is encouraged to find their personal best coaching style, EC coaches have a way about them you won’t find anywhere else. NO cookie cutter coaching, we’re not afraid to tell you like it is and give you honest assessments of your issues. Love you and hold your toes to the fire. 

We also review client feedback at the end of the case study, looking for the successes and places to improve. Since many of the case study clients ask to continue as paying clients that sort of speaks for itself. Coaching candidates don’t get to graduate just because they paid for the program or did a certain number of hours. They graduate when their clients are successful and the coach is confident and rock solid ready to go out be stellar personal development coach.

If the coach has a specialty they want to pursue they first must complete the first coaching program and log a certain number of hours in the real world before coming back to a specialty. I believe a coach is only as good as their personal foundation of self-care, their life mastery, and their training.

The coaches have the opportunity to participate as co-coaches in the YPE group programs to further their knowledge and confidence as well as co-teach at a live event. Should they wish they may even work towards being a leader in one of the companies programs.

All coaches are supported after their training, with this site, yearly retreats, a secret coaches forum and monthly zoom calls. We’re a team and in this together, even though most coaches are in private practice.

One thing you can be assured of, all the coaches are highly trained, intelligent, compassionate, action takers, walking the walk every day and they will help you achieve a life that will blow your mind if you let them.

You can read more about each coach on their personal page and more about their intimate journey of courage in our upcoming book. 

Take the Your Personal Freedom Journey Assessment! It’s a comprehensive dive into many areas of your life. It enables you to see what things are going well and what things you might need to work on. This is something we use in our coaching with others however this is yours free as our gift! And there is a very special surprise at the end.