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Gain Mastery of Your Life

Discover how High Speed Evolution will transport you to your happiness and success in just 20 minutes a day!

It’s time to get your life in order and I know you want fast, effective, proven results from a highly trained compassionate professional. You are ready to get to the next level in life, love, and money.

But with so many life coaches, programs and workshops popping up on every street corner how do you know whom to trust?

Investing in a business coach, life coach, personal development coach or relationship coach is not a new trend. The most successful people in the world use coaches. They understand that a coach gives them a foundation for success, saves them money and ultimately their most valuable resource, time.

Most coaching deals with specific areas of your professional or personal life and helps you to clarify your vision for those areas. You and your coach then target tasks and goals for you to accomplish towards that vision. A coach also acts as an accountability person in your life.

The professional training your coach has invested in and their life experience directly impacts the success and benefit you receive from their coaching.

Really take a moment and think about that.

What’s the difference between someone who decides to become a coach by reading a book or taking 60 hours of training or one who spends years in a rigorous training program to get their life in order before they become a highly trained coach?

It’s pretty obvious, right.

It’s the difference between whether you achieve the results you want from your coaching or not. It’s the difference between wasting your time and money or not. If you’re like me, you’re going to take your hard earned cash and your valuable time and spend it on a coach who will get you where you want to be and help you get those results efficiently and effectively.

Evolution Coaches are the most exclusive and highly trained personal development coaches in the world and they are trained to use the most unique and proven program available anywhere, High Speed Evolution.

Bold Claim. You bet. And we back it up every day.

When you can’t afford to waste another minute not living the life you deserve. Contact us today.

Take the Your Personal Freedom Journey Assessment!  It’s a comprehensive dive into many areas of your life. It enables you to see what things are going well and what things you might need to work on. This is something we use in our coaching with others however this is yours free as our gift! And there is a very special surprise at the end.


We want clients who want to work with us and are ready to get to work, so we don’t offer any high-pressure sales tactics, Ever. Promise.

We’ll start with a phone or video call and see if we fit and give you some value right away by strategizing on a current situation you have. If you love us, great, let’s work together. If you don’t no worries, you get your strategy and everyone goes home feeling fine.

You can see our rates and packages under each coach. Some prices are different depending on certification level and specialties. If our rates are outside of your budget we understand. There are many less expensive coaches out there. Given the amount of time and training our coaches have gone through they pretty well have a Ph.D. in coaching.

We also know that people don’t value what they don’t pay for and as much as we all hate to admit that it is part of human psychology. That said, none of us will work with someone who has to put themselves in a bad situation to pay for coaching.

However don’t despair, I created an online Hybrid program just for this reason. It uses the  High Speed Evolution Program, but instead of one on one, it’s in a hybrid recorded call and one monthly one on one.  It’s affordable. Contact me for details.

I suggest talking to a coach no matter what and I am sure one of us can help you decide what is going to work best for you.


Live better tomorrow!